The focus of this psychological practice is on the links between mental health, wellbeing, and lifestyle.

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28 November 2021: Psychological Support Services (PSS) Although most people have an idea that there is some support offered through the Medicare system to pay part of a Medicare psychological service, many people are not aware of an additional scheme that operates parallel to this system – the PSS.

Psychological Support Services (PSS) provides free short term face to face, or via telehealth, psychological therapy for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns that live in the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network and are experiencing financial hardship and who may not be able to access support through Medicare subsidised psychological services. To access this service discuss with your GP (please note not all doctors are familiar with the scheme) please give them the details available by clicking here.

15 August 2021: A reminder for clients that our practice has moved from level 5 to LEVEL 7 – turn left when you leave the lift and enter the Wellshare office. During the COVID lock down clients are able to attend for face to face appointments (If you have any concerns we recommend video) however, masks should be worn during the consultation.

31 July 2021: Mark attended the online Diabetes Revolution Conference that reviewed the evidence that nutritional changes can in many instances put diabetes into remission. In a summary by Stephen Penman Executive Director of ASLM and the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation highlighted that weight loss is critical to treating Type 2 Diabetes and that no one lifestyle/diet/exercise plan works for everyone.

Remember if you have any form of diabetes consult your doctor before considering changes to your treatment.

Effective 1 August: Fee Change: For NEW clients on limited income the fee has been increased and the gap between the rebate and the new fee ($133) will be $44.75 – note this does not apply to existing clients who will be charged at their existing fee level until 1 January 2022.

1 July: Practice hours extended to Thursday to Saturday.

27 June 2021: Covid-19 restrictions – We will be operating a limited face to face service during the shutdown period. Telehealth services are available. Clients with existing appointments will be contacted to discuss your options.

7 June 2021: Mark Anns gave a presentation titled Challenges and opportunities for the delivery of the Australian Opioid Treatment Program at the Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference 2021.



Mark Anns is a health psychologist based in Sydney, Australia with over forty years of health experience – teaching, policy development, management, research, and clinical management. Mark has worked with both government and private organisations and has a interest in assisting people to maximise health and lifestyle outcomes. Click here for more.

Mark has forty years of experience working in the health sector. The current focus of his work is on examining attitudes and beliefs to maximise lifestyle behaviours that lead to better health outcomes.

Mark works utilises a biopsychosocial framework that recognises that health is impacted by the interaction between biology, psychology and social factors.

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  • Substance dependence (addictions) – special focus on opioid dependence.
  • Lifestyle management
  • Health belief systems
  • General mental health concerns – depression, anxiety, social isolation
  • General concerns about the direction of life
  • Sexual health, functioning, identity and gender



Improving mental health

Mental health covers many different areas including: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, social isolation, Substance use, sexual health concerns.

We offer focused psychological interventions aimed at resolving mental health concerns.

Managing opioid dependence

opioid dependence is a serious chronic health condition that usually benefits from treatment. Selecting a treatment option is the initial step to rebuilding your life. We will assist you to chose your treatment option.

Multiple conditions – adjusting and maximising health

One in 2 (50%) Australians are estimated to have at least 1 of 8 selected common chronic conditions. Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) Australians are estimated to have two or more of these conditions

We support you in adapting to, and where possible assisting you to resolve your health concerns.

Sexual functioning / sexual and gender identity concerns

It is often challenging for people to discuss concerns about sexuality and gender – functioning or identity issues. We offer support for your concerns.

Finding tranquility in a time of chaos – Learning to balance the multitude of demands placed upon us is challenging.

We support you in the rebalancing to ensure your health is a high priority.

Life directions

During our life there will be times where we are lost, lack meaning and struggle to understand our purpose and direction.

We provide support in your journey to find meaning and purpose.

Why chose this practice?

Mark Anns has extensive experience in the delivery and management of healthcare. Services offered include both general focused psychological interventions aimed at resolving mental health concerns and interventions to encourage healthy behaviours to maximise overall health outcomes.

Behaviours and pharmacology

The philosophy of this practice is that pharmacological interventions prescribed by medical practitioners and behavioural interventions work together to achieve health outcomes. If medication options are warranted a client will be referred back to a medical practitioner for appropriate assessment.

Fees Summary

Our fees

There is often some confusion regarding the information a General Practitioner may provide regarding Medicare rebates for psychologists. Although a GP may inform you that you are eligible for up to 20 Medicare sessions in a calendar year this refers to Medicare rebates, it does not mean that a psychological session is “free”. Like doctors, psychologists set their own fees. Bulk Billing is sometimes available (this is optional for a psychologist) for those who hold concession cards.

We believe in transparency in our fee structure. There are no contracts for standard consultations and you will decide with your psychologist the frequency of visits.

Fee-paying clients who have an appropriate referral from a GP will receive $88.25 as a Medicare rebate

Standard Psychological Consultation


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Consultation – if on a limited income


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Bulk Billed

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Mark Anns Now A Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

In December 2021 Mark Anns qualified as a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner as certified by the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. For information on the certification process go to Board Certification – Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Transpersonal Psychology

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Transpersonal Psychology Interest Group (TPIG) Mark Anns was coopted to be the Convenor of the group for 2022. Transpersonal psychology, or spiritual psychology, is a sub-field or school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. The transpersonal…

Transpersonal Psychology

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Transpersonal Psychology Interest Group (TPIG) Mark Anns was coopted to be the Convenor of the group for 2022. Transpersonal psychology, or spiritual psychology, is a sub-field or school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. The transpersonal …

Psychological Sessions – Covid-19 Restrictions

27 June: Sydney is currently in lockdown until midnight 9 July. Psychological services are considered essential services however, I encourage all clients to opt for a telehealth session. Where this is not possible limited face to face sessions will be offered however, the NSW health requirement is that both clients and practitioner are required to …