Families of those who have lost control of drug usage

Comment: I found this The Guardian article that focuses on families of those who have lost control of drug usage (they use the term addictions). If you are in Australia and concerned about the drug use of people you care about, the best resource I can refer you to is the Family Drug Support (FDS) that have a 24 hour helpline and many different forms of support for yourself.

The secret support group: ‘Families are too ashamed to speak up about addiction’

A recent Carers NSW initiative is attempting to reach out to families of addicts through the “Hidden Carers Project”, but few have been brave enough to out themselves. We may titter when a colleague turns up on a Monday morning with a killer hangover but just try mentioning your partner or sibling drying out from alcohol or methamphetamine and the tea room will empty instantaneously...

Click here for The Guardian article

Click here for the Family Drug Support