High Blood Pressure – Take Action

Comment: I found a short article on myths associated with high blood pressure (Hypertension) – In the USA it is estimated that 45% of adults have hypertension. The bottom line get assessed by a medico and take preventive action to avoid health issues.

This is the list of myths in a newsletter by Medical news Today

  • Blood pressure is not serious
  • Hypertension runs in my family, so there is nothing I can do
  • High blood pressure is inevitable with age
  • I would notice symptoms if I had hypertension
  • I do not use table salt, so I do not need to worry about sodium intake
  • When my blood pressure responds to medication, I can stop taking it
  • Hypertension is curable

The article highlights the importance of being assessed and taking action – medication and or lifestyle modifications. The next time you see a doctor ask them to check your blood pressure.

Link to article