Welcome to 2021

Hello, hopefully this year will lead to a resolution of the current Covid-19 epidemic. 2020 has taught us the importance of personal hygiene (wash hands), and social distancing. at the same time there is increased awareness of psychological health and the importance for many of social connections. Perhaps the words for 2020 should be adaption and endurance.

2020 was a time for change for me – poor health in 2019 led to a major change in lifestyle and moving health to my number 1 priority. During the year I also left my employment with a pharmaceutical company (Indivior). I am very grateful for my experiences with the company and leave with good memories however, I also recognise that the lifestyle I had adopted was not good for my health. Having left the company I decided to return to clinical work and focus on health and psychology. I now work part time in practice based in Sydney Australia.

During 2021 I will be focusing upon building a new service (apart from my psychological practice) that focuses on lifestyle management – watch out for a new web site.

To start this year I have found a few research articles you may find interesting.

Mark Anns