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There is often some confusion regarding the information a General Practitioner may provide regarding Medicare rebates for psychologists. Although a GP may inform you that you are eligible for up to 10 Medicare sessions in a calendar year this refers to Medicare rebates, it does not mean that a psychological session is “free”. Like doctors, psychologists set their own fees, after payment of the fee a Medicare rebate may be payable to you if you have the appropriate GP referral.

We believe in transparency in our fee structure. There are no contracts for standard consultations and you will decide with your psychologist the frequency of visits.

Fee-paying clients who have an appropriate referral from a GP will receive $89.65 as a Medicare rebate

Standard Psychological Consultation


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Consultation – if on a limited income


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NOTE: If you are on a low income and live in the catchment area of the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network you may be able to access my services through the Psychological Support Services (PSS) program which provides free short term, psychological therapy for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns. To access this service discuss with your GP (please note not all doctors are familiar with the scheme) give them the details and check your eligibility by clicking here.

If your GP makes a PSS referral and you wish to see Mark Anns as them to put his name on the referral.