Measuring Stress

Comment: I usually get excited when I read about how technology can improve our health unfortunately, I often get disappointed about either the slowness of bringing a device to the market or that it does not live up to the hype. However, I continue to be optimistic, this new wearable device (still in development soContinue reading “Measuring Stress”

Weighted Blankets – Do they help with anxiety?

Comment: Recently someone asked me about weighted blankets and whether they were worthwhile. Not knowing much about them, being a person who likes the air-condition on cold while I sleep with minimal covering I looked around for any information and came across this article in  Popular Science,  which is based on a systematic review publishedContinue reading “Weighted Blankets – Do they help with anxiety?”

How culture may influence spiritual aspects of our life –

Comment: For many people, spiritual health is important to mental health. In my role as a psychologist clients will sometimes indicate they have had contact with aliens/ghosts/spirits and or other outer worldly experiences. In these situations, it is important to differentiate between those who may be having a psychotic episode, and those having an experienceContinue reading “How culture may influence spiritual aspects of our life –”

Change your lifestyle to impact your mental health

Comment: Over the years I have seen clients who experience a wide range of concerns, they are sometimes surprised when I focus on the basics of health –  nutrition, exercise, sleep, substance use, stress management. There is a complex relationship between these factors and mental health and it is often a “chicken and the egg”Continue reading “Change your lifestyle to impact your mental health”