Access to health – Location counts

Comment: The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has released a press release that indicates where you live impacts on whether you can access the latest treatments. Another example of how the social determinants of health impact upon health and lifestyles. “This study shows that people with diabetes in remote parts of Australia do not haveContinue reading “Access to health – Location counts”

Lifestyle, ageing and health – more research

Comment: This article from The Guardian examines findings from the global burden of disease study published in The Lancet in October 2020. Information about preventable diseases has long been known yet global/national preventive programs have in general failed. The reasons for the failure are complex and relate to social inequities, politics, access and beliefs/values. ItisContinue reading “Lifestyle, ageing and health – more research”

Healthy Food – Not just for the wealthy

Comment: Although there have been many recommendations regarding the importance of healthy eating, access to food is not equal and depends upon location and finances as well as knowledge. This article from the Harvard Medical School discusses how in America some doctors are assisting to bring foods to underserved communities. Eating a plant-based diet —Continue reading “Healthy Food – Not just for the wealthy”

Ageing and Health

Comment: In the discussion about people living longer lives there is often a concern that this means more years with illness and reduced cognitive ability, so here is some interesting news. The functional ability of older people is nowadays better when it is compared to that of people at the same age three decades ago.Continue reading “Ageing and Health”

Exercise and health – More evidence

Published in the Business Insider – HIIT workouts are linked to better mental health and longer, healthier lives, according to a new study High intensity interval training could boost health and lifespan for adults over 70, according to a new study. Researchers found that people who did strenuous exercise twice a week had better mentalContinue reading “Exercise and health – More evidence”

Healthy Lifestyles and Chronic Health Conditions

Comment: More evidence that changing your lifestyle can improve health outcomes. This CNN articles highlights a UK study that examined the relationship of adults with 2 or more chronic conditions, lifestyles and longer life. A very healthy lifestyle, the researchers found, is associated with up to 6.3 years longer life for men and 7.6 yearsContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyles and Chronic Health Conditions”