Nutrition and the mind

Comment: a Sydney Morning Herald article on gut health and potential links to the mind: What is emerging, however, is the growing link between gut health (measured by diversity of microbiome) and certain mental health conditions such as depression. Head of the Nutraceutical Research stream at Deakin University’s Food & Mood Centre, Dr Wolf Marx,Continue reading “Nutrition and the mind”

Lifestyle and Dementia

Comment: As we get older forgetfulness can generate anxiety about underlying cognitive decline. There has been an on going debate about whether lifestyle changes could impact upon cognitive decline. A recent Australian study adds to the debate and supports the view that lifestyle change is potentially useful in slowing cognitive decline. Some experts argue thatContinue reading “Lifestyle and Dementia”

Dealing with Differences

Comment: I found this short article on how to deal with differences in regards to wearing masks during the time of Covid-19. It was published by THE CONVERSATION and the author is Nicole Hassoun Professor of Philosophy, Binghamton University, State University of New York Philosophy and psychology agree – yelling at people who aren’t wearingContinue reading “Dealing with Differences”