Mark Anns is a health psychologist based in Sydney, Australia with over forty years of health experience – teaching, policy development, management, research, and clinical management. Mark has worked with both government and private organisations and has a interest in assisting people to maximise health and lifestyle outcomes. Click here for more.

Mark has forty years of experience working in the health sector. The current focus of his work is on examining attitudes and beliefs to maximise lifestyle behaviours that lead to better health outcomes.

Mark works utilises a biopsychosocial framework that recognises that health is impacted by the interaction between biology, psychology and social factors.

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  • Substance dependence (addictions) – special focus on opioid dependence.
  • Lifestyle management
  • Health belief systems
  • General mental health concerns – depression, anxiety, social isolation
  • General concerns about the direction of life
  • Sexual health, functioning, identity and gender